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Question   pic of the day
wow peter thank the lord you have not posted any of these photo's on the nature and wildlife site (in my time)nobody else would stand a chance in pic of the day, and I would get blamed for being biased. Wonderfull photos from first to last wish I could do it we have similar cameras (350D 75-300 ef lens) so what am I doing wrong LOL. keep taking them and keep showing them to us all. Killifi

-  January 25, 2006

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Question   Very impressive flowers!
Hi Peter,

I came across your site on BetterPhoto (I am too a member of this fine photographic community) and I want to say that your work is truly inspiring. I very much enjoyed your Flowers gallery – very professional flower photographs there, really great work! I have recently played with some floral images myself and would appreciate your comments on those, if you have a chance.

Philip Pankov
Pictures of Ireland - Fine Art Black & White Photography

-  October 04, 2005

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Question   Bravo!!
I have visit this web and I love your photos. I am in awe!! with your photos of India. I have been to Jaipur and Kathmandu [9 times in India] and this photos are excellent. Do you travell a lot to India? My next trip is probably in feb 2006. www.imagesofmysoulheart.com

- Viveca Venegas September 17, 2005

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Question   Wonderful Photography
Your photography neds to be published Peter! I have know you for over a year and this is my first visit to your website but I am fortunate enough to have seen hundreds of your other photos not portrayed here. You are without exception one of the best all around photographers I have seen. Your work is professional and absolutly stunning. I feel honored to know you. Please keep them coming.

-  September 13, 2005

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Question   Photo's
Great Pictures Peter - You have brought the slides to our home for Kate and I - the only missing piece is the red wine !!!!!!

-  June 21, 2005

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Question   Great Website, Peter !
I found out about your site through PPT (Professionial Photo Talk) and am happy that you have joined our group! Your photography is very professional and extremely interesting. Look foreword to seeing more of your work! I live in Montana, USA.

-  May 20, 2005

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Question   THANK YOU!
Thank you for directing me to your site. I saw wonderful examples of your work and I am going to bookmark it so that I can visit often!
Regards from South Africa.

-  May 20, 2005

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Question   your photos
I am conpletely at awe, Peter. I have seen some of your works before, but, this site is unbelieveable.

-  May 13, 2005

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Question   all of this great site
Peter, wonderful as always. I looked for my favorite, but so far haven't seen it. You know which one I mean. Love that Breakfast scene. Love all of it.

-  May 05, 2005

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Question   Eland Anteloupe Story...
Peter, what a wonderful story and experience for you! I thoroughly enjoyed reading about it! You are very fortunate for your experiences you've had!

~ Dee

-  January 22, 2005

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Question   Overview of the site
These pics are truly remarkable, Peter. The composition and choice of subjects are just great. Beautiful piece of photographic presentation of your work.

-  January 18, 2005

  Answer To say that your gallery is impressive is an understatement. You give me somthing to strive for. Thanks for your contribution to society. Errick

- Errick L. Cameron  September 17, 2005

  Answer your pictures are truly amazing

Psst: your dulex web site is only
23$ yearly on http://www.pbase.com/

- Yves Dubois  September 25, 2005

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Question   outstanding
I have not had time to view all of your superb photo's ,however I will in due course complete this totally enjoyable task.
Looking forward to some action shots in the future.

-  January 11, 2005

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Question   Photos (in general)
Peter, your photos are absoloutely AMAZING, hopefully when I have some money I can travel and try to get some shots like that for myself. for now I will just have to keep myself in awe with yours

-  January 05, 2005

  Answer Peter, blown away with your Pics mate:)..Maybe some time in the not too distant future I may yet be able to shoot the odd Pic near the same quallity as yours ..Congrats n what Photgraphy should look like..

-  August 04, 2005

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Question   Photos in general
WOW! What absolutely stunning photos! They are absolutely gorgeous. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and I have found that to be true but your photos leave me speechless. I feel like I am standing there seeing it and the more you look the more you see. Truely beautiful and thank you for sharing. I shall return many times.

-  January 02, 2005

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Question   Beautiful images bring back memories....
Hello Peter: Congratulations on your Picture of the Day, which sent me to your website. Looking through your images of the Tyrol made me think of a time when I visited the Konigssee near Berchtesgaden. Of all the places I've visited, I think the Konigssee has remained a favorite in my mind. Sadly, I was not a big fan of photography at the time and do not have a single picture of it. Have you been there? And, do you have any images of this beautiful area that you might be posting in the future?
Thank you again for a few moments to remember such a peaceful, calm time and place,

- Janet Dietz January 02, 2005

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Question   Fabulous Pictures
Hi Peter,

had a few quiet moments here and looked through your photographs. They are beautiful. I will definitely visit your web site again. Keep up the great work.


-  December 23, 2004

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Question   Super, Super, Super
Peter, This is Wayne Of Nature and Wildlife. Just checked out your photos.
They are just SUPER, I envy you, wish I was in your pocket on your trips.

-  December 16, 2004

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Question   What wonderful photos!
I just happened to see a link to your website on BetterPhoto. I haven't had a chance to view all of your photos yet, but the ones I saw were very outstanding. I am going to bookmark your website and stop back periodically to see your new postings. Incidentally, your home page photo of the antelope(?) and the bird is totally awesome.

- Kathleen N. Nelson December 03, 2004

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Question   Beautiful
What a beautiful series of pictures Peter. Congrats on a fine site.

-  November 26, 2004

  Answer Thanks Lewis, I appreciate your friendly comments. Kind regards, Photoza.

- Peter Pischler  November 26, 2004

  Answer Well If you had a proper local guide to help you find the Lions that you DID NOT SEE
Maybe you would have more Lion photographs to share
Am enjoying your Africa Safari


-  November 28, 2004

  Answer Ah, Steve, I appreciate your concern, but I only had a day at the national Park, it was - after all - a hectic business trip. I am on my way to the Far East, will contact you later again, regards, Photoza.

- Peter Pischler  November 29, 2004

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