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Question   Talent
That's all: what an eye! I'm a new fan.

- Patrice Bilenski March 07, 2011

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Question   Kgalagadi Oics
Dear Peter,
Good to look at your pics again. Did the Kgalagadi Park 3 years ago during the big rains that they had and thoroughly enjoyed. Experienced lots of kills by the same males.
Excellent photos mate!
Kindest regards
Rainer and Sally Wiemann
Hidden Valley

- Rainer Wiemann November 06, 2010

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Question   Awsome
Awsome pictures.I always enjoy your energy in the shots you take

-  November 01, 2010

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Question   Could spend days on this site
Thank you for sharing your impressions in this format Peter! I could spend days on the site and will definitely be back from time to time and visit or revisit my favorites. Especially love everything you did about Africa, Nepal and Japan.

- Andreas Trauttmansdorff March 25, 2010

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Question   hallo peter -
nachdem ich auch einige monate in ostafrika (uganda, kenia, zimbabwe)
zugebracht habe, kann ich ermessen mit welcher geduld und umsicht diese fotos zustandegekommen sind.
mein kompliment!
du hast ein gutes auge.
herzliche grüße

- george alexander February 03, 2010

  Answer Meiner Seel Peter, wir könnten uns in deinen Galerien "vergraben"..
Besonders Afrika - ein Traum.
Deine Bilder erfüllen ausnahmslos sehr hohe Ansprüche.
Hedwig + Siegfried

- Siegfried Salzmann  December 28, 2011

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Question   Gr8t photography, Peter
Hi Peter...endlich...Ja, du hast wirklich sehr sehenswerte Bilder drinnen. Das du so eine ruhe weg hast fuer das Wild Life...haette ich nicht.

Irgendwie kann man doch schnell erkennen wer ist profi+wer nicht.
gruss Sonja aus Kapstadt

- Sonja Grünbauer September 08, 2009

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Question   Amazing & Impressive !! (Again)
Dear Mr. Pischler,

My previous comment was not uploaded well... Let me try again....

Thank you so much for giving me and my family an opportunity to enjoy your great pictures !! Let us appreciate the masterpieces for the next a couple of months.

In case my wife wants to download some of the pictures, let me send you an e-mail to ask for permission. Of course, when she downloads pictures, she has been sending an e-mail beforehand.

Many thanks once again & All the Best !!

With Best Regards,

Kim, Hak-Sung from South Korea

- Hak-Sung Kim April 29, 2009

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Question   Amazing and Impressive !!
Dear Mr. Pischler,

Thank you so much for giving me

- Hak-Sung Kim April 29, 2009

  Answer Hallo Peter,

sehr schöne Homepage. Ich bin wohl Norddeutsche, lebe aber schon seit 11 Jahren in Tirol.

LG Kersten

- Kersten Moser  May 01, 2011

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Question   Wonderful wildlife, Photoza
Truly great wildlife photos, Peter,
and I like your travel pics, too. You seem to get around a lot, hey?

- John Beringer November 06, 2008

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Question   Very beautiful pictures....but.......
Ciao Peter,
Wonderful pictures!!!!
But I'm missing pictures of flowers and trees of the mediterranean region like rosemary, sage, lavendel, laurel, olive tree, cypress, oak tree, gorse bush e.g.?
Local people, like your sister in law, can show you the hidden places of all these nice plantes.

I mean:... a naked fat baobab is not able to hold a candle to a graceful cypress.
You know .......?
Regards, Emmmy

- Anna-Maria Tramonti October 25, 2008

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Question   Absolutely stunning photos Peter!
Hi Peter,
I really enjoyed looking at your photos from Nottens Bush Camp. They are all absolutely amazing photos. The buffalo doesn't look real to me and you were so lucky to see all these wild dogs. You are a great photographer Peter!

- Lena Wilkie September 29, 2008

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Question   Wild Dog
Some amazing close ups Peter, never an easy sighting in the South African Bush

-  September 28, 2008

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Question   What a wonderful site!
Hi Peter, I'm Anne Mark Stoger's wife and have really enjoyed your photographs - they are beautiful and I like them so much I might be inspired to paint one of them if that is okay with you? I'd love to paint a leopard. Although I haven't met you personally, Mark speaks very highly of you and perhaps next time you come to SA we can meet. All the best, Anne

- Anne Stoger September 16, 2008

  Answer Oom Piet, all these years I thought your talent was helping me with technical information on gasketing. You have a talent many would wish for. Unbelievable work, now I understand why you took 10 - 15 pictures of every sighting. I cannot wait for you to publish the "Notten's trip" at Sabi Sands in South Africa. Keep up the fantastic work mate.

- Mark Stöger  September 16, 2008

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Question   Your work and the Site
Thanks for telling me about the link, you have some great stuff here. We've looked at each others work for a few years now and I still enjoy seeing the things you do and share with us.

I hope your eye never goes dim and good light always awaits,


-  August 14, 2007

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Question   Hi Peter
Hi Peter I haven't seen you around for a while. I was just wondering how you are and what have you been up to lately. Summer from digital nature and wildlife. I have posted on the site for some time. Even though I do take time to look to see whats up. Also have been wondering about Ole Frog. Regards Summer

-  July 23, 2007

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Question   Amazed by your photos
Thankfully, I was referred here by someone on the MSN group. Your photos are breathtaking. Linda Parrish

-  February 21, 2007

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Question   What is your favorite Australian shot ?
Absolutely what I expect. Magic

-  November 22, 2006

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Question   Great work Peter
So glad to see your sight Peter. Was wondering how you were doing. Great work on the lions and buffalo.

-  November 22, 2006

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Question   Great Photos
Great photos and a great website, you are truly an amazing artist - TJ Tierney, Irish landscape photographer http://www.goldenirishlight.com

-  March 19, 2006

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Question   Amazing Photographs
I am so glad I checked out your site. The wildlife pictures were stunning. The photos of the people in India were beautiful..the colors were a feast for the eyes. I enjoyed seeing all the architecture of the buildings..so exotic and beautiful. You are very talented.

-  January 25, 2006

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